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Eliseo Mattiacci - To Think the Thought (1973)


This just looks like magic. It’s an installation made by Korean artist Kimsooja. She transformed the Palacio de Cristal in Madrid by covering its windows with a translucent diffraction film, and covering the floor with mirrors.

When outside light filters through the glass of the pavilion and reflects off the diffraction film, it diffuses into rainbow spectrums. Rays of colour reflect all around you.

I can only imagine what it feels like being in this space…


These are just so wonderful! They are Ghost Photographs by artist Angela Deane. Her work is both fun and endearing, find more of these (lots!) on her website and on



Photographer Bing Wright has found a creative way to capture the beautiful color palette of the evening sky, in his series titled Broken Mirror/Evening Sky.

This post has been featured on booooooom and itscolossal. Two of my absolute favorite blogs. So happy, thanks guys!


Guim Tio Zarraluki


My name is Hugo Germain, I live in Bordeaux, France, and I’m currently studying maths and physics, in order to become an engineer.

I get most of my inspiration from everyday life. I usually come up with an idea or concept during the day, from which I make a quick doodle so that I won’t forget it. Then later I start working on it in After Effects or Cinema 4d, so that they can become more visual and realistic. It’s funny because the final results are usually much different from what I had in mind.

Each gif has its own story but mainly it’s a way for me to provide inspiration and make people question basic things we take for granted. I often wonder “What if this or that was different/existed ? What would that look like ?”. Being able to actually create an answer to that question is very exciting for me, and I guess that’s also what people like about it.

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HC Berg - Visual Vortices & Illuminated Lightcells


Kensuke Karasawa: Continuous Horizon, 2012

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Opening Ceremony x René Magritte.


Daniel Turner