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Paweł Fabjański – Untitled

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Fraser Anderson predictive prosthetic

Olivia Erlanger
Olivia Erlanger x NanoCorp x Ned Siegel Suggestion of a House Slipper, The Refusal to Get Dressed, Spending a Season Dreaming of Sunlight only to Prefer it Dark, Painted Leather Slippers
Painted leather
8.66” x 3.35” x 3.54”

(Keith J. Varadi’s Image Resolution #15)

Latifa Echakhch, La dépossession, 2014

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Francesco Gennari 

One for the road


Susanna Majuri


!!!!!Found Inspiration Moving Forward x Redbubble give away!!!!!

Hey guys, it’s my very first give away! Just in time for summer, my friends at Redbubble are introducing women’s scoop shirts and unisex tank tops. And now you can win one exclusively through Tumblr!

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Are you an artist?
Redbubble connects artists to consumers all over the world who can buy your authentic artwork on various canvases – from metal prints and posters, to baby onesies and even cell phone cases. You can easily set up an account and sell your original work through their website, so check it out!

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By Tara Donovan, these wonderful installation/sculptures, each one made out of one easily produced material are beautiful accumulative pieces of work that have such a huge effect on a empty gallery space. The towering columns are my favourites by far. 

‘because the surfaces of my work do often shift and follow the perspective of the viewer, there is a perceptual movement that coincides with a person’s physical movement within the gallery space.’

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Dancing Shadow Sculptures by Dpt. and Laurent Craste

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Photography by Ilona Plaum


The Phytophiler Flower Pot System by Dossofiorito

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